The one thing we all want from life

Amanda Gravely
2 min readFeb 16, 2021

There is one thing everyone wants from life. The answer is simple. We all want to be happy!

Everything you do is all in an attempt to be happy. But what if happiness is right in front of you and you just don’t see it.

What makes you happy?

This is a question with a wide variety of answers, most of them having to do with getting a better job or a new car or some other thing money can buy. I hate to tell you, but money doesn’t buy you happiness.

Happiness comes from being content with what you have. It’s a hard lesson to learn. It doesn’t matter what you buy, if you aren’t satisfied with what you have, you won’t be happy.

You’ve probably tried to convince yourself that if you get that promotion at work, you’ll be happy. For a while, you might be, but the newness of the promotion wears off, and you start looking for the next thing that makes you happy. A new car or a bigger t.v.

When you look at your happiness this way, you will never have enough things to make you happy. They are just quick fixes that give you a sense of happiness for a short time but soon fade away. Your happiness needs to be built on something that will last.

What you own or how much money you have shouldn’t determine your happiness. It shouldn’t even play a part in it. Being content and satisfied with what you have is where true happiness comes from.

Stop looking at what other people have and comparing yourself and your life to them. When you constantly look at what others have and want what they have, you will always be unhappy.

Instead, take a look around and start realizing what you have. Make a list of everything you have, a house, a job, a family. Maybe it’s something smaller like a dog, or fish, or a new computer. The point is, worry about the things you have, not the things you don’t.

Happiness is a lifelong pursuit. You won’t find it overnight or by searching for it. You can’t buy it or trade for it. Happiness is being satisfied with what you have and being okay with that.

Amanda Gravely

I am a multi genre author writing mostly romance, fantasy, and sci-fi.