Should You Turn Your Hobby Into A Career?

Amanda Gravely
2 min readFeb 5, 2020

Turning your hobby into a career may not be the best thing.

If you find something you love to do and can make money doing why shouldn’t you? There are several good reasons why maybe your hobby should stay a hobby.

To start with, you may not actually make any money. Just because someone else makes money doing it doesn’t mean you will. You may put out a whole lot of effort, and end up with nothing but a headache.

If you are lucky enough to make money with your hobby, you will now have to start deciding if you want to make it into a business. You will end up spending a lot of time growing your income. You may discover your hobby isn’t as fun as you thought it was.

And that brings me to my next reason. Time. It takes an incredible amount of time to make a successful business. You will spend so much time doing what once was your hobby, that it’s no longer a hobby. Oh, and that boring stressful job you were trying to avoid, is now what you are doing.

A lot of hobbies require creativity. People don’t realize it but creativity can dry up. If your hobby becomes your job and your creativity dries up you, could be in big trouble.

There is a lot of pressure to run a business and make it work. There is no room for error. If you do decide to turn your hobby into a career make sure you have another hobby you can do to help relieve some of the stress from you day job.

So now that I have laid out the bad things involved with turning your hobby into a career, here are some good reasons why you should.

If you can work a job in an industry you enjoy and are passionate about, you are ahead of a lot of people and it gives you a good start for success.

Turning you hobby into a career means you have to find another hobby. That could mean an opportunity to learn a new skill. In the long run you are improving yourself by expanding on your skills and that’s always a good thing.

Just because you love doing something doesn’t mean you can make money doing it. Before you decide to venture into the world of self — employment keep in mind that it takes a lot of time, determination, patience and self — discipline.

Amanda Gravely

I am a multi genre author writing mostly romance, fantasy, and sci-fi.