Fisk’s Pet

Amanda Gravely
4 min readAug 30, 2023

Everyone needs something to keep them company

Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash

Fisk stared through the pet shop window, taking in all the animals. He wanted one. No, he needed one. If he was going to be anything like a human, a pet was a necessity.

“Hey, Fisk.” Jimmy came to stand beside him. “Why are we staring at animals?”

“I need one.”

Jimmy frowned. “I’m not sure a robot needs a pet. You might scare them.”

Fisk tilted his head to the side as he looked at Jimmy. “I am not a robot. I am an Android.”

Jimmy shrugged. “What’s the difference? You are all made from metal and wires.”

“Maybe. But I am smarter than a robot.” Fisk turned away and headed for the door, the sun reflecting off his silver hands.

The man behind the counter looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “Can I help you?”

“I need a pet. Something easy to care for.” Fisk pointed to a fish in a bowl. “That one.”

The owner rushed over and smiled. “Fish are easy to take care of but also require a lot of water.”

Fisk frowned. “Water would not be good. What about this one?” He pointed to a cat.

“Yes. Cats make great pets.” The man pulled the cat from his cage and held him out to Fisk.

Before he could even touch the animal, it was hissing and clawing. “Maybe not that one.”

Jimmy laughed from his spot by the door. “Let me help you find something, Fisk.”

Fisk nodded as he stepped back out of the way and allowed Jimmy to pass. Up and down the rows of cages and tanks they went. Jimmy shook his head or made strange noises as they examined each animal.

“Jimmy, I do not wish to be here all day.” Fisk didn’t understand why it was so difficult to pick an animal.

“Finding the right pet is a science. Give me a second.”

“I do not believe science is involved, and your second is over. Perhaps you meant I should give you a minute.” Fisk stared intently at Jimmy.

“Nope. I have the perfect pet for you. Follow me.” Jimmy took off down the aisle and around the corner to a row of cages.



Amanda Gravely

I am a multi genre author writing mostly romance, fantasy, and sci-fi.