Don’t Be Afraid To Chase Your Dreams

Amanda Gravely
2 min readJan 8, 2020

Why is it important to dream big and then chase those dreams?

We all have dreams, goals, visions or desires. These are the things we need when we are working towards success. For most of us, we have forgotten why it is so important to follow our dreams.

As children we loved magic and dreams. When we stop dreaming we forget what it feels like to be young and hopeful.

Dreamers grow to be independent and often times accomplish great things in life.

By chasing your dreams you can experience and grow through failure. You learn that failure is just a part of success.

Pursuing your dreams gives you direction and purpose in life. Regret can be a terrible thing, and if you don’t at lease try to pursue your dream you may end up with regrets later in life.

The unknown of chasing your dream may spark a little fear, that’s okay. Chasing your dream will help you develop courage, and that can fuel you to achieve amazing things in life.

There will be people that tell you your dream is impossible. Don’t give up, because it’s fun to prove the world wrong. When you accomplish your dream, share it with the world and let them know you are amazing for not giving up.

Dreams have no limits. You are the creator of your dream, make it as big or small as you want. You design the plan to accomplish your dreams. Don’t let anyone stand in your way.

Dreams define who you are. Once you accomplish them you tell the world it has no say in what you can or can’t accomplish.

So dream big and don’t be afraid to chase your dreams no matter where they take you. You are never to old to dream and never to old to chase a dream.



Amanda Gravely

I am a multi genre author writing mostly romance, fantasy, and sci-fi.